3 good friends…. mistakes, failure and success



” Learn from the mistakes of others … you cant live long enough to make them all yourselves “

“Human nature is to err !!!”

” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work” by Edison.

All three quotes and many others like them simply describes the co-relation of three entities : mistakes, failures and success. I can say these three are inseparable friends and the most lazy one is success because it visits you much later compared to its other pals – mistakes and failures.  You can also say first success observes how we are treating its two friends and if see we can handle both of them well then only it will visit our lives 🙂

Actually, failures and mistakes do precedes success in our day to day life. This is one fact which most of us cant deny. But knowing all this does not stop us from getting worried and even scared from the fear of getting failed.  One question boggles my mind many times why we are so scared of failures. Or other times I really thinks are they really failures and most of the times it feels like OMG I have failed again!!!

After some thought and deep thinking (well I don’t think that deep ;-)) , I concluded that failures are actually the tasks in which we are not able to achieve the end result successfully. But does it really like we have not done anything or accomplished nothing??  I don’t think so… I can certainly say if we have failed we must have done something at least, it may be possible that “this something” is not actually  required or may be it requires something extra as well. So instead of getting disheartened after meeting mistakes/failures, it will good on our part to treat them well and welcome them with open hands. In fact, why not had a good healthy discussion with them in a form of retrospect to understand what bit of extra their friend “success” wants from us to happily embrace us.  So there is no harm in doing mistakes because even the most learned ones are also doing it.  But what they are doing differently from us is learning from each and every experience and most importantly putting consistent efforts to pursue their goal.  So friends lets try to focus our energies on gaining wisdom from every experience (be it good or bad) to try to befriend all these three friends and treat them alike. 🙂

Love to listen your perspective as well on this topic 🙂

Till then Be Happy and keep going !!!


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