Chasing the fruits of life

“Neither the autumn is permanent nor is spring
So enjoy every season, live happily and sing!!”

Lets begin this topic with a question today. When we talk about the trees, which is the first word that appear in our minds?

Let me guess is it fruits or the leaves or the branches or may be it can be greenery, birds, flowers etc. But very seldom someone thinks about its roots. Why this unfair treatment with the roots. It may be possible since roots are invisible so does its significance. But is that really true ? Are the roots less significant than the fruits trees bear? Do we think of a tree which can bear fruits without the roots. I guess not and even roots are the only components of trees that can survive each season and make the tree stronger throughout. So why we are talking about the tree in such detail. Because in my opinion it has great resemblance with our lives.

In day today life everyone we meet is chasing the fruits(success/fame/money) in their lives without realizing the importance of their roots(values/morals/ethics). This ignorance towards the basic development of our roots results in the weakening of our inner-selves. It is possible that currently in the spring(happy times) our lives we may not require or understand their significance but surely this lack of strength in our roots will affect our survival in the sad autumn and harsh winters (hard times). So it is always wise to work upon the roots which ensures that we will follow the right path in our lives which can lead us to the destination of happiness and prosperity.

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