Discussion vs argument

Why the discussion is different from argument when in both the scenarios the underlying basic phenomena is exchange of thoughts among group of individuals.

The main difference lies behind the temperament of the listening individuals. In a healthy positive discussion, listeners consists of group of individuals who are more open and receptive for empathizing with others ideas and thought process.  Where as in case of argument , listeners are almost reluctant to empathize with others ideas .

This thought reflects how the behavior of individuals brings positivism and negativity in same situation.  So with this keeping in mind,  we should try to be a part of discussion instead of an argument :-):-)

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  1. “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” – John Keynes

    Be ready to change your conclusion when new facts/data/information is provided by others and don’t worry about being labeled as always changing your position.

  2. I noticed that while discussion people try to use similar or even common set of terms and moderate level of emotional expression, but while argument they use specific own terms and higher level of expression of emotions. There is also lot of mental shortcuts on the ground of potential argument and poor translations of meanings.

    • Yeah I agree the interpretations/translations as well as the emotional expression plays a significant role in turning any discussion into argument. But with a display of little wisdom from one of the involved parties, is very helpful in avoiding such situations.

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