Need to control others

The most primitive instinct of homo-sapiens is the desire to control  anything and everything around.

After some thought process, I came to a conclusion that the desire of becoming authoritarian roots back to the primitive ages when homo sapiens struggled for the survival of their species. The basic challenges were climate adaptation, escaping predators and fighting with diseases. With course of  time man has devised methods to overcome these challenges. The first in line was the discovery of fire using which humans had started controlling  the threats surrounding them(majorly protection from weather and predators).  After combating the fears involved with basic survival, humans put their intellect to good use which led them to the beginning of stone age.  Now they had more tools like ( wheel tools of stones fire etc) which ultimately  helped them to reach on the top of the existing food chain.  Humans have understood the importance of control by now.

They have completely realized the power of control. Now they can shoo away their predators by using fire and weapons and they had more safer habitats  to live in. In fact we can say that at this point of time humans had established themselves as fearless predators. With practicing the authority they have transformed their position from victim to assaulter in the whole establishment .

But this transformation has exposed the human mind to plethora of opportunities(in my opinion both negative and positive). No doubt human civilization has witnessed the success in various spheres in leaps and bounds but has equally damaged the environment around us (both in physical and logical sense).  On one hand human of today’s generation is confident more skilled , willing to learn new things , more receptive in terms of new thoughts , more radical and logical but on other hand become more ruthless indifferent to surroundings, self centered and cruel at the same time. In its zeal to control (rule ) everything and make everything easy either for himself or for human community as a whole , we have performed the tasks in a manner which has resulted in development for us but at the same time has caused more damage to humans , other species and to the whole environment. our action has caused the existence of several species. Our greed has resulted in extinction of all non renewable resources. In fact, in current world,  the need to control whole world has resulted in the hatred that exists among different communities/societies have almost threatened the peaceful existence of complete human race. We have received a gift of  bountiful, green and pure environment along with the huge resources ( in terms of precious metals and fuels) from mother nature. But without realizing its worth we have exploited all of them to their utmost limits and disturbed the balance of life on earth.

So lets introspect for a while to realize what we as human beings have done to this Mother Earth in our quest of power and control. What legacy we are leaving behind for our future generations. If we dont realize our mistakes now and started taking the responsibility to rectify the wrongs we have done , then we have to face the bitter consequences which will be very very far from our control . So wake up to the truth and harsh reality, power is not in controlling things by exploiting them and destroying them rather power lies in their protection and restoration.

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